Boldly Unique.

The HX25 will exceed your expectations  with the most standard features in the industry and the highest level of performance. The HX25 pairs luxury and utility to create an experience that will provide everything needed for a day out on the water.  

Starting at $220,000

2023 HX25

18 people

5,720 pounds

24' 7"






With Helix Boats new sleek and stunning 2023 hull design, you are able to create a unique look for your boat. With 6 different exterior schemes you are able to create an unforgettable look that fits your style and personality.


Luxury is the focus of the interior of our 2023 Helix boat. From the highest quality threads to the upgraded standard features offered, there are many places where the Helix luxury shines through.


With the power of the Indmar Raptor engines and the unique hull design the HX25 provides the versatility to cruise the lake with great fuel economy and create the best memories while surfing without having to spend the day at the gas station.


For 2023 our goal for the additional options is to provide convenience so more time is spent on the boat enjoying your time.


The HX25 creates the percent balance between space and ease of use at almost two feet longer than the industry's most popular size. With our deep V hull and chines you get a smooth rough water ride and an amazing surf wave. The deep side wall also allows an industry leading ballast of up to 5,720 pounds which helps create a customizable wave that is perfect for every level of rider. 

The interior feels open and roomy so you don't feel overcrowded even at our 18-person capacity. With many different seating design elements functionality is a top priority, for example the deep bow section, which when paired with the deep V hull, ensures there is a small chance of water entering the bow even during rough water. Another example is the optional sundeck, whether you want flip-up seating or a layout sundeck we provide the choice so you get the most out of your experience.

HX25 Gallery



General Specs:

24' 7"






6,100 lbs


7,100 lbs

Wieght w/Trailer

78 gal

Fuel Capacity

18 People

Seating Capacity

427 ft/lb

Standard Torque

580 ft/lb

max torque

Garage Specs (with standard trailer):

32' 4"

length w/trailer

39' 10"

Length w/tonge swing

10' 11"

Hieght w/tower


height w/tower down

8' 5"

width w/trailer

Ballast Specs:

5,720 lbs

Total Available Ballast

400 lbs

Duel subfloor Bow Bags

990 lbs

Duel subfloor Mid-ship Bags

1,310 lbs

duel subfloor aft bags

1,170 lbs

duel aft bags

960 lbs

Duel Rear Supplement

890 lbs

Subfloor Belly bag

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