Interior Features


2 Upholstery Styles 

To create the most options for customers to have a boat that fits their style, we created two different upholstery styles. This way customers can pick from a more classic look and a dynamic style look so their boat can be perfect!

Many Vinyl Options 

So that every customer has the upholstery texture and color that they want, we offer 42 standard vinyl options and 12 Breeze Permacool Marine vinyl options. This way our customers aren't limited to a few general colors and textures.  

Non-Skid Decking

With even more customization you can make sure that your Non-Skid Decking matches the exterior and upholstery colors you have chosen. With 34 different colors and two different textures, the options are almost endless!


Electric Captain's Seat

To give absolute control, ease and comfort while captaining the boat we have included a power helm seat.  

Duel 12" Touch Screens

With our carefully designed software, our dual touch screen to maximize ease of use. Whether you want to adjust the wave, audio, lighting, or access maps, it's only a few touches away.

Phone Charging

Equipped with six LED USB's and two 12 volt outlets, you are able to keep any device ready for use. At the helm, a wireless active phone charger is also offered to make it easier to keep your device charged. 


Walk-Through Sundeck Lounge 

Along with the traditional layout sundeck, we also offer the option to choose a walkthrough with flip up lounge seating!

Bow Space 

The pickle fork design of the Helix hull creates much more space in the bow. Plenty of legroom for any passenger to lounge comfortably and enjoy their time on the lake.

Maximized Storage

With storage under almost every seat in the boat you will never have to worry about where to put everything you need for a day out on the lake.


Interior Speakers 

Music is a necessity for most people, so we make sure to meet the needs so everyone can enjoy the music how they want to. With 6 interior speakers you can choose from RECON 6's, REVO 6's, or REVO 8's depending on what sound and lighting you want.


If you are looking to take your sound system to the next level you can add a subwoofer or two! With sizes ranging from 8" all the way up to 12" you are sure to achieve the base needed to get the most out of your sound system.


Our software system provides an easy and seamless Bluetooth connection. With the touch of a button you are easily able to connect whatever device to the Bluetooth and start playing music.

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