Hull Design

Deep V Hull 

Our deep V hull helps cut through the water easily even on rough water days. This helps the ride feel less bumps as well as increased fuel economy.


In addition to the deep V Hull, the chines help funnel the water down the boat to create less resistance. While smoothing the water down the boat, it also helps smooth out the surf wave as the boat flattens out towards the back.

Tall Sides/Pickle Fork

Our tall sides and pickle fork design help with rough water days in addition to the looks. When you are going against rough water the tall sides and pickle fork help reduce the amount of water that is getting into the boat. This ensures you and your passengers stay dry!



Using the Indmar Raptor engines you will have all the power you need for an amazing day out on the lake. Choose from the Indmar 440, 460 and 575 supercharged to get the exact power you want!


With the addition of the stern thruster control of your boat is not an issue. Whether it is a windy day trailering/docking or you are picking up surfers, wakeboarders, or tubers you can easily and precisely maneuver the boat.

Surf System

Supplemental Ballast

With our standard ballast any level of surfer is able to have a great time. Take the wave to the next level by adding our supplemental ballast to take it to an industry-leading number of 5,720 pounds of ballast.

Helix 3.0 Surf System 

The Helix 3.0 Surf System uses plates to create a long and pushy wave that makes for a smooth and effortless ride.

Surf Software

Our software makes creating the perfect wave for every rider easy. With three preset surf levels and the option to save custom profiles, every rider is sure to get the wave they want.

Auto Plane

To help make it as smooth and easy as possible, we have added the auto plane feature which, as you approach cruising speeds, automatically drops the center tab slightly to level you out and then retracts when cruising speeds are hit.

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